Go Electrolyte drink powder


So I’m guessing that most people’s preference will vary with these and I’d love to hear what you all use and find works for you and your specific needs. I’m always looking at adding different flavours as well as brands to keep my mouth ‘fresh’ and ‘alert’ when running long distances. I find it easy to get sick and tired of the same drink, mile in and mile out…

My flavour as you may have guessed here is blackcurrant, always a winner for me! Do I feel like this makes me perform better? Not sure, as I’m still new to the game of ultra running but I haven’t suffered from cramps, whilst drinking this, as I have when running without.

Here’s what the science says… ;o)
“Science In Sport Go Electrolyte is a carbohydrate energy fuel with electrolytes to aid performance in the heat. It’s maltodextrin and fructose based and has all the essential electrolytes (Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Chloride) for rapid hydration and electrolyte replacement. It’s combined multiple energy sources work together to optimise energy delivery to your working muscles and the balanced electrolytes provide the salts required to keep you hydrated and protect against cramp.

Ideal for indoor workouts, exercise in the heat or any time when you are sweating heavily or dehydrating, it can be used before, during or after exercise.”


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