How big is the new Suunto Ambit?

In a nutshell, the Suunto Ambit combines a sophisticated GPS to allow navigation with a barometer-based altimeter, ‘3D compass’ and an advanced heart rate monitor with the ability to download data – but a few people were asking about the size of the thing.

Let’s face it, the one downside of outdoorsy, all-singing, all-dancing watches, has always been their inflated size which sometimes makes them hard to stow under a normal cuff, particularly once gloves are involved, and can also be problematic if you have diminutive wrists.

We don’t have dimensions, but looking at these images, it seems like the new AMBIT is pretty much on a par with other Suunto  watches. In other words, larger than a ‘normal’ wrist watch, but smaller than some of the wrist-mounted GPS units out there. In addition, with a claimed battery life of 50-hours with GPS activated, it also trumps those on the power front.

Anyway, here’s a couple of images from Suunto showing the watch in action. They feature six-time world mountain running champion Jonathan Wyatt and top mountain-runner and ski-mountaineer Kilian Jornet (in red). Click ’em for a larger version.

Kilian Jornet 1  Kilian Jornet 2  Jonathan Wyatt 1  Suunto Ambit and Jonathan Wyatt 1  Suunto Ambit and Jonathan Wyatt 2

So yeah, it’s big, but then again it’s a fair bit smaller than most conventional GPS units and has the big plus of being a watch…

Ref. & ©

core+ambit+305 2 core+ambit+305 1
images above ref. &  ©

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